Getting Airborne for the CBT

For the most part my feet are firmly planted on the ground when I am photographing. But I recently got a chance to take to the skies above Nelson that I couldn’t turn down, when Columbia Basin Trust got in touch to ask if I could make some images of a wireless internet tower above Nelson for them.

The images will be used in an issue of the Trust’s’s new magazine that will soon arrive on doorsteps throughout the Basin – to illustrate an article about how its new subsidiary, the Columbia Basin Broadband Corporation and local internet providers are helping to bring high speed internet services to rural residents of the Columbia Basin.

We were on a tight deadline, and with only rainy weather in sight, the plan was to head up Elephant Mountain in a truck with Ben from Columbia Wireless, who broadcasts internet signals from a tower perched on the peak. But as I drove into Nelson and the clouds were lifting, I got a call from Ben saying conditions were good to head up in the helicopter.

So I went to the Nelson airport to meet up with Ben, and we got a quick lift up above the Queen City by High Terrain Helicopters to the tower. I spent some time on the ground there photographing Ben doing some tower maintenance and then made some aerial images while hovering around. The birds-eye view of the city and surrounding area was great, with clouds drifting by and lifting as the weather changed.

We were lucky to get the break in the rainy weather, and while the conditions were far from perfect for photography, the images turned out very well. All in all, it was a fun experience that produced some great shots for the Trust to use in their magazine and promotional materials.